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About me

My name is Wout Vanneste. I am final year student at Digital Design & Development (Devine) at Howest-KASK in Kortrijk.

On this website you can see some of the work I made during my studies.

Wout Vanneste

My projects

Design - Radioplus

Mobile, tablet and desktop design for radioplatform Radioplus. Check the Behance page to see the result.

Design on Behance
Radioplus design

Development - Phaser game

A top-down shooter game where you have to kill zombies, coded together with one other student using Phaser.

Play the game
Phaser game

Design - Cinema4D

A rush assignment to make a Cinema4D render of a specified setup.

Cinema4D render

Development - Football team builder

A pure React.js webapp using a list of football players to make teams and save them when you're logged in.

Project website
Football team builder

Design & Development - Incredible Collectible

This project was all about a special collection of items we use in our daily lives. But the items had to have a special meaning or value. Check out this projects website to find out what my collection was all about

Project website
Incredible Collectible

Design & Development - Internationaal Straattheaterfestival Beveren

A responsive website using database and PHP filters for the activities.

Project website
Internationaal Straattheaterfestival Beveren

Design & Development - Brussels Water Tours

A website about an alternative Brussels tourist tour. I chose to make a tour in Brussels when the oceans have risen and Belgium is under water. Here you can find out how you could visit Brussels when that happens.

Project website
Brussels Water Tours