Pain of the week


Culprit: Lego blocks
Material: Plastic
Hate this week: 6


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Lego blocks

These are not just 'normal' Lego blocks,
these were the first blocks used in LEGOLAND in Denmark.
The park was opened in 1968.

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Thumbtack show

These are the thumbtacks used in an episode of
the Belgian kids show 'Wizzy & Woppy'.
The show was on TV between 1999 and 2007.

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Dooagh Beach gravel

This is a little part of the gravel from the beach,
after the sand disappeared in 1984.
Since 2017 the sand is back, again due to a storm.

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Champion marbles

Chris Pample became world champion with
these marbles in West Sussex in England.
He won the cup on the 14th of April in 2017.

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Broken glass

In the Belgian TV show 'FC De Kampioenen' the football team
is that bad they break windows every episode.
These are shards from the first time they broke a window.

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This is one of the mousetraps used in 'Tom and Jerry',
the famous show about a cat chasing a mouse is
distributed on TV since 1940 until now.

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The ring

This is the three-carat engagement ring of Queen Elizabeth 2.
It's so unique because her man Prince Philip was heavily involved
in the design of the ring.

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Staples got talent

Rogue, a magician, impressed the judges in America's got talent
with his act using staples. After Mel put 3 staple guns to his head
he got 4 yeses for his performance.

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